Solutions to the World’s Problems, lie in a Garden

We take unequivocal joy that more and more people like you are looking to the garden as a place of refuge and productivity, a place to work and relax.

We have been providing gardening services in Toronto since 2005 and installing homestead scale Edible Food Forests at Surface Farm since 2010.

Forest Gardening is an overlap between foraging in the wilds, and planting in rewilded spaces, common and uncommon.

Strength in Diversity

Garden Maintenance

We provide regular garden maintenance services to take all the hassle out of enjoying your outdoor space.

Garden Clean Ups

Depending on the season, our clean ups include services to prepare and protect your beloved plants and soils.

Pollinator Gardens

Home, community and commercial care of bees, butterflies and birds.

Edible Landscaping

Start looking at your yard in a productive investment capacity! Creating an integrative landscape maximizes the value of your home aesthetically and saves on daily costs by providing access to fresh, local produce all season long. Plus it will make your space a site of interest among your friends, family and neighbours, as well as local wildlife.

Food Forest Guilds

Understand systems, such as gardens, in a way where all elements synergize.
An important aspect of Permaculture seeks to understand and utilize the ways in which plants can be organized to support each other in a symbiotic network, known as a Guild. We seek to tie these principles into the human network as well, in order to re-imagine our social practices and move from a closed system towards more open-source initiatives.

Permaculture Design Services

Assess how to make your yard as low-maintenance, productive and beautiful as possible, all at the same time!

Community Collaboration

We are proud to support social enterprise to achieve ecological, economic and social objectives.