Ecological Gardeners for Hire

Do you require a helping hand in your garden and would like some ideas you can implement yourselves (DIY) or we can install for you?

We are happy to meet with you and walk through your garden (garden to be) to help you:

Clean Up and Maintain your existing ornamental / edible garden.

Offer Makeovers to your Landscape to add new plants or garden elements that involve:

  • Harnessing rain water to irrigate the garden
  • Building Soil and new garden beds in a labour saving and ecological friendly way
  • Planting Guilds (combination of trees, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, tubers, vines) that will thrive in your location with minimal ongoing care
  • Improving biodiversity and the look and feel by adding Native or Exotic Pollinator Plants
  • that will add interest during various times of the year or fill a gap in your garden’s visual or yield performance.