Are you looking for garden clean up, ongoing maintenance, garden makover or a full design and installation… Are you someone who DIY but would like a hand with placement or one of our Pre Packaged Edible Landscape Guilds?

We are here to assist you with your garden. Happy to bee of service!

Garden Clean Ups and Garden Maintenance

Are you looking for an eager, expert hand to assist you in your garden?  Early Spring is a Great time to invest into your garden so that it can be lower maintenance and give you more enjoyment and harvests during the following seasons.

A Garden Clean Up is a great way to help you tidy up in your yard.     If you are just looking for help on a particular project we can assess your needs and give you a FREE Estimate in a short turn around time and book a date when we can meet 

Garden Makeovers

Garden Makeovers are generally Garden Clean Ups plus some other services that involve improving the overall look and feel of the garden.

Do you need a shrub removed or transplanted? Do you need a garden refresh?

Do you wish to reduce lawn size to make room for and edible garden?

Did you acquire a new place and wish to better understand your garden?

Food Forest Guilds

Understand systems, such as gardens, in a way where all elements synergize.
An important aspect of Permaculture seeks to understand and utilize the ways in which plants can be organized to support each other in a symbiotic network, known as a Guild. We seek to tie these principles into the human network as well, in order to re-imagine our social practices and move from a closed system towards more open-source initiatives.