todays basil plant is tomorrows pesto

Become a Producer through Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping refers to adding edible elements into your yard or homestead farm that can meet production goals as well as aesthetic goals usually associated with landscaping. For example, Service Berries (Amelanchier, spp) give structure to a garden with its either single stem or multi stem form, provide spring bloom, delicious Juneberries and high octane fall colours. 

Planting 3-6 of them (with netting, just to be safe) in a large size urban lot or small homestead can provide jars of jams, delicious fresh compote, a pie filling or fresh eating straight off the tree.  

Adding edible landscaping elements and species by directing the flow of rain water (basic element) that runs off our roofs and paved surfaces into areas that can absorb the water into the soil will allow for edible landscape guilds to flourish.  

As far as I am concerned, production is not only the yields, such as berries or tubers from sunchokes

This is achieved by planting trees, shrubs, and perennial plants that once you spend the initial resources to plant them (in the right place) so they thrive.   Depending on the perennial or shrub in question, you may start getting a yield in the first year with strawberries for example, asparagus is 3 years, fruit trees 2+ years to bear.    Without having to invest resources into planting them year after year, which you do when you plant annual/biennial crops such as lettuce (annual) brassica plants (biennual).   Your net energy return will increase with perennial polycultures (guilds) because most of your energy invested in interacting with the system is harvesting and related actitivies associated with steward ship and learning to eat more from your garden as a general percentage of your diet….   

Creating an integrative landscape maximizes the value of your home aesthetically and saves on daily costs by providing access to fresh, local produce all season long. Plus it will make your space a site of interest among your friends, family and neighbours, as well as local wildlife.